Hours of Operation & Access

Business Hours

Tenzan no Yu
10 AM to 1 AM (final acceptance at midnight)
11 AM to 1 AM (Last meal order at 11:30 PM) (Last drink order at midnight)
11 AM to 12:40 AM (final acceptance at midnight)
Korean rug
11 AM to 12:40 AM (final acceptance at 11:00 PM)
 Fresh counter
11 AM to 1 AM (Last order at midnight)
Regular holiday / every third Monday of the month (resting on the next day in case of public holiday)

Access Map

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Price list


Ordinary 1,050 yen
Ordinary member 950 yen
KYODO cardholder 750 yen
General membership admission fee 200 yen


4 years old ~ elementary school students 500 yen
3 years old or less Free


Towel Set 200 yen
Room wear 300 yen
Room wear + towel set 350 yen

·Even after relaxation and even after meals,
re-bathing is allowed as many times as you want.

Regarding the admission
  • 1. Admission is strictly prohibited to persons having, regardless of the size, tattoos, body art (tattoo, paint, seal, etc.), as well as to drunk persons. If by any chance they were able to receive admission then we would ask t hem to leave.
  • 2.We refuse admission to persons having skin disease or who may be infected by other infectious diseases.
  • 3. Admission is prohibited to crime syndicates members and to related persons.
  • 4. Please refrain from entering with your pet.
  • 5. If you were considered as inappropriate by our shop, we may refuse you admission.