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Flowing Natural Hot Springs

The source flowing from 1200m underground is the first “sodium and calcium chloride spring” in the Kyoto Basin and it has been confirmed that it has high-concentration spring quality (9146ppm) close to seawater (19000pm) which is rare for hot springs located far away from the sea. In addition, it has also been confirmed that those hot springs have chlorine ion concentration (9146ppm) corresponding to 9 times of what is considered as the reference value for medical treatment hot springs (1000ppm), making them medical treatment hot springs having a variety of effects.
In general the term hot spring refers to a spring containing at least 1 component in the 19 kinds of essential substances listed in the Hot Spring Law or containing an existing solvent substance with more concentration than in the specified amount or mineral water/hot water having a temperature superior to 25 degrees. Tenzan no Yu (source) is a natural hot spring which contains 6 essential substances and its temperature is 31.3 degrees Celsius.

Spring Quality Effects (sodium and calcium chloride spring)

The spring quality of this hot spring is called sodium and calcium chloride spring, including sodium ions (3212mg) and calcium ions (912mg) in large quantity. Sodium ions and calcium ions are reacting with the sebum (carboxylic acid) on the surface of the skin and form carboxylic acid, sodium and calcium salt. The sodium carboxylate is a surfactant which has, generally speaking, the same effect than “soap". Its effect penetrates every corner of the skin, removing all impurities and because of its emulsifying effect “moisten” the skin. For in calcium salt there is the same effect than in “baby powder” it will make your skin feel “silky”.


Source Foot-bath

The hot water of Sagano hot springs Tenzan no Yu we are so proud of is now available for casual foot-bath. A luxurious foot-bath using sodium and calcium chloride spring is something unique that you can find only in Tenzan no Yu. It is perfect for moments when you wait for the person accompanying you or when you want to rest for a little bit.

Ceramic Foot-bath

The far infra-red emitted by special ceramic balls warm up the body from its core. It is also said that it has detox effects and prevents from economy class syndrome and is also effective for sensitivity to the cold and edema.
Its best time of utilization is considered to be 15 to 20 minutes.

Fish Therapy

Garra rufa is an extremely rare member of the Cyprinidae family that dwells in the hot springs of Turkey and feeds on dead skin.
This feeding on dead skin creates a beautifying effect for the skin, as well as a pleasant stimulus from the pecking sensation, which feels like a low frequency wave.
15 minutes: ¥300
*Reservation must be made after arriving at the facility
11:00-23:00 (last session starts at 22:40)

Carbonated spring

What is carbonated spring...

By dissolving carbonic acid gas (carbon dioxide) in hot water, it creates carbon dioxide water. This carbon dioxide is commonly referred to as carbonated spring, with hot water bubbles adhering to the body when you bathe and is said to be so for 1 kilogram of hot spring water containing 1000mg or more of free carbon dioxide. 
Since carbonated spring is able to improve blood circulation without placing a burden on the heart, is also called a “heart’s hot water” in Germany and is mainly used in Europe as medical hot spring in the treatment of heart disease or hypertension. The best feature of the carbonated spring is that it is working to expand the blood vessels in the skin. When you do carbonated spring bath, the immersed body part turns red in 2-3 minutes and you can clearly see a boundary line with the body part that remained outside. The part which turned red shows that the carbon dioxide penetrated in the blood capillaries and arterioles close to the skin, spread the capillaries and that blood circulation is getting better.

Hot spring with Carbon dioxide concentration of 1000ppm or more → Carbonated hot spring having medical treatment effects

Highly concentrated (1000ppm or more) carbonated spring is recognized as a medical treatment spring and it has been verified even in medical institutions that it procures various effects such as an improvement of blood circulation and an effect on autonomic nerves, etc.

Caution regarding carbonated spring bathing

Persons having excessive temperature rise, sweating, dehydration, hypercapnia, hypotension, heart disease(heart failure disease), and orthostatic dizziness.

Concerning the carbonated spring of our shop, we have mixed natural hot spring and artificial carbonate in order to get close to a natural carbonated spring. By using the natural hot springs water of Tenzan no Yu called “Netsu no Yu” (Heat’s hot water) we then create a synergistic effect by making the carbonated spring called “Shinzo no Yu” (Heart’s hot water) increasing even more the thermal effect. In addition, carbonated spring is set 2-3 degrees lower than the normal temperature at 38 degrees. Even though due to the effect of carbonic acid it is still warm enough. Because the temperature of hot water is low, it has the particularity to reduce the burden on the heart and does not make you feel tired even if you stay during a long time. Please enjoy and relax.

Price list


Ordinary 1,080 yen
Ordinary member 980 yen
KYODO cardholder 800 yen
General membership admission fee 200 yen


4 years old ~ elementary school students 530 yen
3 years old or less Free


Towel Set 250 yen
Room wear 350 yen
Room wear + towel set 450 yen

·Even after relaxation and even after meals,
re-bathing is allowed as many times as you want.

Regarding the admission
  • 1. Admission is strictly prohibited to persons having, regardless of the size, tattoos, body art (tattoo, paint, seal, etc.), as well as to drunk persons. If by any chance they were able to receive admission then we would ask t hem to leave.
  • 2.We refuse admission to persons having skin disease or who may be infected by other infectious diseases.
  • 3. Admission is prohibited to crime syndicates members and to related persons.
  • 4. Please refrain from entering with your pet.
  • 5. If you were considered as inappropriate by our shop, we may refuse you admission.